Will The Sandbox [SAND] investors mend their ways after this market crash

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12 May saw massacres crossed the crypto market, compounded by Terra [LUNA] and TerraUSD [UST] crashing to unimaginable lows. However, 13 May had Bitcoin and Ether seeing recoveries of much than 5% successful a day. This boosted the alts arsenic well. All successful all, the play considerably changed the mode investors consciousness astir their favourite assets.

However, person caller circumstances convinced metaverse token investors to rethink the mode they’re treating a definite project? Let’s spot what the metrics say.

There’s much to me. . .right?

The Sandbox [SAND] should person been celebrated for its imaginable arsenic a blockchain-based satellite gathering platform. Instead, it’s mostly seen arsenic the benignant of plus investors bargain debased truthful they tin merchantability precocious and exit. Even so, astatine property time, SAND was the 40th biggest crypto by marketplace cap. The token was trading astatine $1.36 after rallying by 17.52% successful the past time and falling by 34.16% successful the past week.

So are investors acceptable to perpetrate to SAND, oregon is it slipping done their fingers? You see, SAND proviso connected exchanges sharply spiked by tens of millions of tokens to scope levels seen successful precocious February, which means the second is much likely.

However, 1 important incidental that came to walk was a immense spike successful SAND’s Age Consumed metric connected 5 May. This tells america that a ample fig of idle tokens moved adjacent arsenic SAND’s terms was going down. This metric was again expanding somewhat astatine property time, hinting that investors are paying much attraction to the asset.

Meanwhile, erstwhile studying whale transactions supra $100,000, we tin spot these began to emergence arsenic SAND’s terms fell. Shortly afterwards, betterment began taking place. While it’s imaginable that whales were buying the dip, speech proviso information suggests profit-taking mightiness beryllium happening yet again.

A vertebrate successful SAND is worthy 2 successful the bush?

Though a greenish candle was forming astatine property time, that isn’t a motion for the bulls to leap in. The Awesome Oscillator [AO] showed reddish bars increasing successful tallness beneath the zero enactment – a motion of rising bearish pressure.

Adding to that, the Relative Strength Index [RSI] showed that SAND had been an oversold plus conscionable soon earlier property time.

Source: TradingView

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