Some London Muggers Are Reportedly Targeting Crypto Investors’ Mobile Phones

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A caller study by The Guardian claims that crypto muggings are connected the emergence successful London, arsenic thieves people phones successful bid to summation entree to integer assets. 

According to the report, constabulary person warned that thieves are targeting integer currency investors successful a question of “crypto muggings.” Victims are reporting that thousands of pounds successful integer assets person been stolen from them aft having their phones taken.

The Guardian has reviewed a fig of anonymized transgression reports provided by City of London police, revealing that criminals are targeting phones successful bid to get to integer assets. 

One unfortunate reported that they were attempting to hail an Uber adjacent London’s Liverpool Street presumption erstwhile muggers forced them to springiness up their phone. The muggers yet returned the phone, but lone aft stealing much than £5,000 successful Ethereum from the victim’s Coinbase account. 

Another lawsuit involves a unfortunate being held against a partition by attackers and forced to unlock a smartphone app with facial verification. The muggers past transferred £6,000 successful XRP from the victim’s account. 

David Gerard, writer of Attack connected the 50 Foot Blockchain, told The Guardian that crypto muggings were much troublesome than slope transfers owed to their permanence.

He told The Guardian, 

If I get robbed and they unit maine to marque a slope transfer, the slope tin hint wherever the wealth has gone and determination are each sorts of comebacks. You tin reverse the transaction. With crypto, if I transportation it to my crypto wallet I’ve got your coins and you can’t get them back.

Gerard warned that crypto users should see their integer assets the aforesaid arsenic carrying astir cash, and debar keeping “stupid amounts of money” successful their crypto accounts. 

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Some London Muggers Are Reportedly Targeting Crypto Investors’ Mobile Phones



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