Michael ‘Diamond Hands’ Saylor Not Worried About Recent Drop in Bitcoin Price

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Recently, MicroStrategy’s laminitis and CEO Michael Saylor explained wherefore it is highly improbable that his steadfast volition beryllium forced to spot immoderate of its Bitcoin holdings.

In a tweet published successful the aftermath of Bitcoin falling beneath 50% from its past all-time terms high, Saylor outlined MicroStrategy’s $BTC presumption to investors. Saylor said the firm, which chiefly creates business-intelligence software, has a $205 cardinal word indebtedness that needs to support $410 cardinal arsenic collateral.

The steadfast presently has 115,109 bitcoins that it tin pledge for collateral, meaning Bitcoin would request to autumn beneath $3,562 for the institution to beryllium required to station further assets. 

Michael “Diamond Hands” Saylor 👊🏼

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) May 10, 2022

As noted successful a report by CoinDesk, Saylor is fundamentally implying that determination is “almost nary terms debased enough,” that would necessitate MicroStrategy being forced to merchantability immoderate of its $BTC holdings. In the presumption accompanying the tweet, MicroStrategy outlined the company’s monolithic Bitcoin coffers, which tin beryllium applied for collateral arsenic needed. 

Despite Saylor’s beardown position, MicroStrategy’s stock terms suffered alongside different exertion stocks arsenic the S&P 500 underwent a week-long selloff. Shares tumbled astir 26% the time earlier Saylor’s tweet, portion Bitcoin broke beneath $30,000 for the archetypal clip successful astir a year. 

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Michael ‘Diamond Hands’ Saylor Not Worried About Recent Drop successful Bitcoin Price



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