Bitcoin network fortifies as mining difficulty records ATH of 31.251T

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BTC’s latest web trouble all-time precocious makes it astir intolerable for atrocious actors to correspond implicit 50% of the hash rate.

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Bitcoin web  fortifies arsenic  mining trouble  records ATH of 31.251T

Further distancing itself from immoderate concerns of planned attacks connected the blockchain, the Bitcoin (BTC) web established a caller mining trouble all-time precocious of 31.251 trillion — exceeding the 30-trillion people for the archetypal clip successful history.

The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, warranted the information of the BTC web done a decentralized web of BTC miners who are tasked with confirming the legitimacy of transactions and minting caller blocks.

Given the extended assemblage enactment — from developers to hodlers to traders to miners — that spans implicit 13 years, the BTC web was witnesser to a historical 10-month-long rally arsenic it achieved mining trouble of 31.251 trillion.

Bitcoin web difficulty. Source:

Mining trouble safeguards the BTC ecosystem against web attacks specified arsenic double-spending, wherein atrocious actors effort to reverse confirmed transactions implicit the BTC blockchain. Greater mining trouble demands higher computational powerfulness from miners to corroborate transactions implicit the BTC network.

As a result, BTC’s latest web trouble ATH makes it astir intolerable for atrocious actors to correspond implicit 50% of the hash rate. According to, the BTC web demands 220.436 cardinal terahashes/second (TH/s) astatine the clip of writing.

Bitcoin full hash rate. Source:

Despite the crypto community’s concerns related to the ongoing targeted attacks and an active carnivore market, BTC continues to presumption itself arsenic the astir resilient blockchain network. 

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